Our Lady and St Philip Neri

School Timetable

Please find below an example of our school routine. This is simply a guide and timetables may be adjusted for certain events and trips etc.

The children are in school for 32.5hours per week.


Early Years

  • 8.45am – 9.05am   Registration/Prayers 
  • 11.40am - 12.35pm   Lunch Break 
  • 3.15pm   Home time



  1. 8.45am – 9.05am   Registration/Prayers 
  2. 10.30am – 10.45am   Playtime
  3. 11.40am - 12.35pm   Lunch Break
  4. 3.15pm   Home Time


  • 8.45am – 9.05am   Registration/Prayers 
  • 10.45am – 11.00am  Playtime
  • 12.10pm – 1.05pm   Years 3/4 Lunch Break
  • 12.45pm- 1.40pm   Years 5/6 Lunch Break
  • 3.15pm   Home Time